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About Us

Revolution Education CPD?

Revolution Education CPD (RevEd) is a new non-profit currently registering as a Community Interest Company aiming at providing top quality educational training in an ethical, economic and sustainable way. Rather than taking money out of education, we recycle it. We work in partnerships with schools to create truly effective Professional Development as outlined by the Sutton Trust Report

Does this mean RevEd cannot get the best trainers?

No, quite the opposite. The vast majority of the best educational trainers are self-employed and are not tied to any particular commercial company.  RevEd has access to most of these well-known names, not just the ones on our site. We can provide excellent trainers and speakers to your school for workshops, events or conferences, but the only difference is we take zero commission.  Compare this 0% to commercial training companies who take 40-60% simply for introducing you to the trainers.

Real example: A School contacted an unnamed company wanting a trainer to deliver a whole school workshop on Independent Learning. The company quoted £1800 for the day, put the trainer in contact with the school and took 60% commission for doing so.  £1080 of the school CPD budget had gone for a 5-minute phone call! Neither ethical, nor sustainable. RevEd can usually get you the same trainer for half the price or less.

How can RevEd charge no commission? 

We are a collective of Educational Consultants and Speakers with a combined massive personal network through social media and direct contacts. Over a third of a million Twitter followers between us. Our advertising costs are zero. Our admin costs are irrelevant. Our website is developed and run by volunteers. No money is taken out of the company as profits to shareholders or directors. School budgets are shrinking and are in no position to support profit-making companies.

What is a RevEd Event?

We can put on events at your school that can be subsidised by selling places to other schools with a profit-sharing system. Compare this to Hotel Based Training

Real Example: 20 people on a hotel course paying £260 each. So £5200 has gone from school budgets. The trainer gets £1000 and £4200 goes to the training company. That is 81% of the schools CPD budget gone to a training company. Revolution Education is committed to ending this inefficient drain on CPD budgets.

Real Revolution Education Example: The school identifies a training need and contacts RevEd. The school agrees with the trainer * £500 for a workshop plus half of the profit from selling places. This means that the school has a maximum cost of £500 for the training. 20 places are sold at £50 each bringing in £1000. The profit is £500 which is split so the School makes £250 profit, the trainer makes £750 and the delegates only pay £50 each. This enables a follow up course to happen and what is learned to be effectively transferred to the classroom for the benefit of learners. Everyone wins.

Note: * Not all our trainers use this model or amount.

How can we get involved?

Booking a teacher onto any of the current events is done directly through our Events page.

If there is a particular course you want to put on at your school then please browse through our Courses pages. If the course you require is not listed then please contact us to see whether we can provide a bespoke one that meets your needs.

If you want to put on your own event as a hub school with a single or multiple trainers then please get in contact

If you have identified a training need in your school or group of schools