Physics Teachers Conference – Aiglon College Switzerland (SGIS)

Subject-specific courses have been found to be the most effective in developing teachers. This is a great opportunity for physics teachers and those preparing to teach it to learn new skills, network and share ideas at Aiglon College in Switzerland. Supported by the SGIS (Swiss Group of International Schools) but open to all schools.

Physics is a potentially difficult subject to teach and this conference will focus on how we can be more effective and efficient. We will be considering common issues like:

  • How to attract more girls to do physics at IB level (Based on award-winning research done by the Institute of Physics)
  • How to improve students problem-solving abilities and maths skills.
  • Approaches to introducing particle physics to your classroom – By the CERN Education Team.
  • How technology can transform the teaching of physics by giving an insight into student misconceptions and using smartphones as dataloggers
  • Increasing engagement and learning with great ideas and practicals
  • How to build a Personal Learning Network to share resources, ideas and to be part of a supportive community.

There will be plenty of time to share ideas and network.

The event is kindly subsidised by the SGIS so is CHF100 + VAT = CFH 108.34 for 1 day or CHF 150+ VAT = CFH162.51  for 2 days (Note: The 2-day price includes the Conference Dinner on Friday evening) There are limited places so please book early!

Please Note: Accommodation is NOT included

Recommended hotels:

1. Alpe Fleurie

2. Eurotel

Contact John Turner at Aiglon using the  Book or Enquire tab below


Using sensors in mobile devices (Science Journal and others) Physics Apps that enrich understanding Apps that make your marking more efficient and provide rich diagnostic information Finding and sharing great digital resources
Research based approaches to make the learning of particle physics more effective from the CERN Education Team
Improving problem solving skills Independent thinking and learning Making physics more accessible to girls (and boys) Research from the Institute of Physics Practical approaches to improve the resilience and high achieving girls
Sharing of quick ideas - Please try and bring an idea, a resource or something to share (don’t worry if you can’t think of anything.We have plenty of ideas)
Time to reflect and learn new ideas
Low-cost & hands-on experiments for the classroom (e.g. cloud chambers & 3D-printable set-ups).
How to combat common misconceptions Engaging activities that promote understanding Essential practicals and how to get the most out of them
Networking and learning opportunities
@natkin International Teacher Trainer. Specialises in  Pedagogy, Science and Technology. All training is focussed on 'how will this improve the learning in the classroom?'
Julia Woithe is managing the hands-on particle physics learning laboratory S’Cool LAB at CERN, and finalising her PhD project in physics education research in cooperation with the University of Kaiserslautern and the University of Geneva. For her PhD project, she is looking into the affective and cognitive effects of S’Cool LAB workshops and into the role of student and laboratory characteristics as...
Jeff Weiner @jeff_active is a postdoctoral research fellow, managing CERN’s national and international teacher training programmes and investigating teachers’ conceptions of particle physics. He completed his PhD in physics education research in cooperation with the University of Vienna and his doctoral research was focused on how to appropriately introduce elementary particle physics in early physics education. Before joining CERN, Jeff worked as a...
John Turner Head of Physics Aiglon College. teaches Astronomy at Aiglon – developing our school observatory & leading annual trips to Spacefest in Arizona. Lead Service Learning Projects taking students to do community work in Thailand and Cambodia. Previously taught at a range of academically excellent schools in U.K and a qualified Chartered Accountant. (Fellow of...

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