Latin America Hub School Conferences 2018/19

RevEdCPD in partnership with Latin American Teachers are planning a 4 day Mexico conference in October 2018 and further conferences throughout Latin America later in the year.. The dates, venue and programmes are still to be finalised but are likely to be based on the following themes:

Teacher Improvement:

Research has shown that the single biggest impact on learner outcomes is the quality of the teacher. All teachers need to improve. Not because we are not good enough, but because we can be even better. RevEd trainers provide excellent, realistic and practical sessions to facilitate these improvements International schools tend to have large turnovers of staff and it can be difficult to create and maintain an effective learning culture. Teachers are most likely to teach in the way that they were taught and when you have a vast range of different backgrounds there is often a very mixed pedagogy. External training is important to build a common set of standards, but we also facilitate teachers and leaders to support each other through coaching and leadership skills. Some suggested sessions.

  • Outstanding teaching and learning – exploring what it is (and isn’t)
  • Using technology to transform learning in the classroom
  • Effective and efficient marking and feedback – what works
  • Improving subject knowledge and creating common approaches
  • Embedding coaching into all levels of the school structure to enable the building and maintaining.of a common core excellent pedagogy
  • Developing middle and senior leaders
  • Behaviour management and setting common standards

Student Improvement:

All to often the only focus of professional development is on the teacher. We believe that the students have a responsibility for their own education. We need them to have growth mindsets, to be resilient in the face of failure. To be independent learners capable of solving their own problems. These qualities need to be developed and don’t happen automatically. It is the responsibility of every teacher to support the school culture developing outstanding students. Some suggested sessions:

  • Developing outstanding learners (defining and creating common approaches)
  • Independent thinking and problem solving skills
  • Numeracy,oracy and literacy – cross curricular development
  • Scientific thinking and how this differs from learning science
  • Mindsets and building resilience
  • Engaging learners to become self motivated

All of our our training is bespoke. No two schools are the same and hence no two training sessions are the same. We work with school leaders to focus on appropriate training to take the schools starting point and the direction they want to go. In order to make training sustainable we operate a profit share system with our hub schools. We set a maximum cost to the school and then split the money made from selling places on the courses. We are looking for long term relationships rather than sending in an expert who excites staff but leaves no real legacy.

Interested in becoming a hub school or getting involved in the conferences? Then please use the contact form or email us at




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