Physics of Football – Limited Free Sessions

Football is all about the application of physics and hence is the perfect vehicle to improve understanding and so performance in both science and football.

These free sessions are for disadvantaged and underrepresented and at-risk groups. It is ideal for those switched off science, but into football.  The sessions are very practical and hands (feet) on. We take intuitive understanding and add the concepts and the scientific language to communicate ideas.  They last from three hours to a full day session. Group sizes can be as big as you have room for, but to make them really effective and transformational a group of around 12 is ideal.

We aim to improve the students’ football skills and understanding as well as the realisation of how much physics they already know but haven’t realised. How can we control the ball better, kick and throw it further?  Why do many headers from crosses not hit the target? How can we change this?  All of these concepts are taught through fun demonstrations and challenging misconceptions. This is about football primarily and we teach the science through gaining their curiosity and desire to improve their skills.

We can collect data using Adidas Smartballs which connect via Bluetooth the speed , spin and contact point of the ball and increase the speed that students can kick a ball using the principles such as that we need as large a mass as possible, moving as fast as possible and staying in contact with the ball for as long as possible. By using slow-mo video we can optimise their technique and give them the knowledge to practice effectively.

Please fill in the contact form so we can try and arrange a session. These will be rolled out further later in the year if you don’t make the first cut and also we will be putting on training sessions for teachers so you can run them yourself.

Physics of Football in Sierra Leone


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