Physics Teaching Three Day Conference (Specialists and non-specialists) Dubai English Speaking College May 13-15

A rare opportunity for those teaching physics to get together and improve their practice.  Hosted by Dubai English Speaking College.  There will be a one day conference for specialist physics teachers.

and two days for non-specialists to improve subject knowledge and engagement

The One Day Physics Specialists Conference : May 13th

The Programme is adaptable to your needs but will focus on

Physics is a potentially difficult subject to teach and this conference will focus on how we can be more effective and efficient. We will be considering common issues like:

  • Mechanics – Engaging activities that highlight misconceptions and lead to better understanding (also suitable for Maths teachers)
  • How to improve students problem-solving abilities and maths skills including graphing. (Suitable for all Science subject areas and Maths Teachers)
  • Electricity and Electric Fields
  • How to attract more girls to do physics at IB level (Based on award-winning research done by the Institute of Physics)
  • Practicals – Dealing with errors
  • Transition activities to support higher level science
  • How technology can transform the teaching of physics by giving an insight into student misconceptions and using smartphones as datalogger
  • How to build a Personal Learning Network to share resources, ideas and to be part of a supportive community.

There will be time to share ideas and network

Prices: 500AED for 1 Day, 750AED for both or 1000AED for all 3

The Two Day Conference for Non-Specialists May 14th and 15th

A two-day RevEdCPD workshop leading you through the fundamental concepts of physics and how to teach them in an engaging and effective way. This is suitable for middle and secondary school teachers as well as interested primary school teachers with a responsibility for science. There is strong evidence that subject-specific CPD is particularly advantageous

What is it?

An intensive, but fun, two-day course. Delivered by experts in supporting physics education worldwide in a low stress, but high challenge environment.

Physics is a wonderful, but potentially tricky subject to teach and is rife with misconceptions.  If the fundamentals are missed then none of it makes much sense: What exactly do we mean by;  Forces, energy, electrical current, etc? These workshops are to ensure your students don’t find physics confusing and boring. We will teach you Award Winning, Research-Based Strategies for improving the engagement of girls in physics. How to make the maths less intimidating and more intuitive and how to use non-specialist equipment to enhance understanding.

These RevEdCPD Physics Workshops will provide you with digital materials and help you:

• improve your confidence in teaching physics
• deepen your understanding of the subject
• meet and share best practice with other science teachers and become part of a supportive network.
• make physics more engaging for your students and more enjoyable for you

Who is it for?

All non-specialist teachers of physics at all levels (primary teachers welcome)and those wanting a refresher course. We start with the absolute fundamentals and build up. We will reach a higher level than that required to be delivered at primary level, but the greater the level of your understanding, the better you will be at teaching physics.

What will be included?

  • Quality assured sessions by Internationally renowned trainers
  • A full set of digital resources
  • Lunch on both days
  • Continued Support

Day 1:

  • Forces and the misconceptions that hold students back in all other topics
  • Electricity the fundamentals and engaging ways of teaching them
  • Maths skills (also suitable for Maths teachers ) Formulae and graphs as stories
  • Energy through stores (the new way without transformations)
  • Open session for problematic areas

Day 2:

  • Forces and motion (also suitable for PE teachers)
  • Electricity – circuits and electromagnetism
  • Waves
  • Preparing students for higher level science – Girl friendly science
  • Interleaving effectively


Prices: 500AED for 1 Day, 750AED for both or 1000AED for all 3

@natkin International Teacher Trainer. Specialises in  Pedagogy, Science and Technology. All training is focussed on 'how will this improve the learning in the classroom?'

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