Rubbish Science (10 Spinach Seeds Challenge) at Raspberry Pi Foundation Coolest Projects

Rubbish Science Director Neil Atkin is delighted to run sessions at the Raspberry Pi Foundation Coolest Projects at the Olympic Stadium London.

Coolest Projects is a world-leading annual showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs.

Come along to see the amazing projects that young people have designed and built at CoderDojos, Code Clubs, and Raspberry Jams across the UK. Join us to celebrate their achievements and to try your own hand at using amazing technology:

  • Explore the infinite possibilities of interacting with digital games, beyond keyboard and joysticks, with Installation Required
  • Try out Creoqode to assemble your own electronic devices such as game consoles and robots and learn about hardware
  • Use programming to transform the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet with Rubbish Science
  • Test out Curiscope, which constructs augmented reality experiences to let you dive under the ocean or into the bloodstream
  • Write code to make Ohbot tell jokes and stories, read tweets, and answer quiz questions
  • Use the THREEDY printer farm to produce your own unique puzzles

Coolest Projects UK will run from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 28th April 2018. Ticket holders will have free entry all day.

Get your tickets here

This will also see the launch of the 10 Spinach Seeds Challenge  

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