Understanding Physics in a Day – Intensive Course or Revision Session

Physics is probably the most badly taught and misunderstood subject of all.  It is usually delivered by non-specialists who lack the deep conceptual knowledge needed to create clarity in the minds of learners. Many students are taught simply how to solve problems mathematically if their numeracy skills are good enough. This leads to the appearance of understanding, but a fragility in exams. With this approach, those students with weaker numeracy skills may be baffled by most of the subject and fail to answer correctly questions involving calculations.

This course ambitiously aims to provide students and/or teachers with the fundamental concepts and how they link together in a single day  (or over a longer period if required)

Fundamental to most understanding and often poorly understood are Forces. What actually are they and their effects?  We don’t start with Newton’s Laws and then how to apply them, we start with intuitive understanding (and misconceptions) and how this leads to Newton’s Laws.  Formulae are presented as stories grounded in understanding, not simply mathematical relationships

When we understand Forces, then Electricity starts to make sense as most of it is simply the action of Forces on charged particles.

With the new model, Energy has gone from being one of the easiest topics taught, to one with considerable confusion.  A lot of Energy is simply the action of Forces moving through a distance. It should be explicitly taught that energy allows us to calculate if something could happen, forces are used to explain what is happening.

This course is delivered by Neil Atkin who over the past nine years has taught thousands of teachers how to deliver physics. His approach is very engaging, realistic and above all clear.

This course is guaranteed to improve your teachers and/or students conceptual understanding. It can be delivered in many ways;

  • To students about to sit exams as a rescue session or to boost the skills of underperforming groups
  • To students who may have had a difficult experience of physics and are disengaged or lost
  • As a precursor at the start of KS3 or KS4 to give fundamental understanding.
  • To teachers either as a separate session or with the students
  • Primary sessions are available – get in contact

Suitable for Ages 11 and up in groups of up to 100. The more students, obviously the less individual attention can be given.

Schools can collaborate with others in order to split the cost which is from £500 a day with a money back guarantee.  Weekend or holiday sessions can be arranged so please get in contact with your needs.


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