Hub Schools

What is a Hub School?

A hub school is a school that has entered an agreement with RevEdCPD to put an event on at their school on a shared profit basis. The school agrees on a basic fee with the trainer plus a share of any income from selling places on the course.  For example, the school agrees that they will pay a trainer £600 plus half of the income on sales. The school now has a maximum cost for the training and can then put as many of their own staff on the course. The trainer has a minimum guaranteed payment. It is in both parties interests to get other delegates on the course and ReVEdCPD also helps with the advertising. For independent schools, subsidised places can be offered to state schools as part of their community support.

Why be a hub school?

We aim to build relationships with you in order to understand and meet your needs. There is strong evidence that change can be catalysed by bringing in an outside expert. Unfortunately, this is often prohibitively expensive. All too often a possibly inspiring speaker arrives with no real background knowledge of your school. They entertain staff and for the next few weeks, the students are bombarded with new ideas. In time the impact declines and soon most staff are back where they started before the CPD.  The most effective CPD always involves evaluations and follow up sessions allowing the impact to be evaluated and sustained. Our profit-sharing model allows a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between a trainer or groups of trainers and the school to be established.

The hub school model involves collaborating with other schools and sharing best practice. Again there is strong evidence that this has a very positive impact on CPD being transferred so that learning in the classroom improves.

We are currently in negotiations with schools who match our criteria and ethos. If you’d like to be considered please contact us through