Neil Atkin

Neil Atkin (@natkin) International Teacher Trainer. Specialises in  Pedagogy, Science and Technology. All training is focussed on ‘how will this improve the learning in the classroom?’ Neil still regularly teaches ‘observed’ lessons which look at pushing the boundaries of what students think they are capable of.  He has successfully trained thousands of teachers around the World with outstanding feedback. In his role as Teaching and Learning Coach for the Institute of Physics, he has helped develop the pedagogical understanding of specialist and non-specialist teachers. Always looking for innovative approaches based on research he co-wrote Physics and Football a project with Arsenal Football Club. He teaches the Physics of Surfing and other extreme sports. Neil is the only male member of the IOPs Gender Balance Team working to combat stereotyping and unconscious bias in schools.  He is very comfortable using technology, but only where there is a clear benefit to the teacher and learners. Subject areas he has developed transformational courses in Science, PE and Maths

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